Presentations and submissions

We actively contribute to policy discussions in a range of areas relevant to our work, particulary education, community services and the non-profit and community sectors. Our policy submissions and presentations are available for download here. Please share them to help deepen community understanding about disadvantage in Australia.

More than 638,000 Australian kids live in jobless families

Today, there are more than 638,000 Australian children living in jobless families.

Submissions (2010 - present)

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Submissions (2010 - present)

Northern Territory Education Act Reform Submission - Apr 2014

Queensland Social Services Investment Framework Submission - Apr 2014

Commonwealth Budget Submission 2014/15

Submission to Review of the Australian Curriculum - Feb 2014

Productivity Commission Childcare and Early Learning Submission Feb 2014

Submission to Indigenous Employment Training Dec 2013

Consultation feedback to Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority - Dec 2013

Submission on ASIC Financial Literacy Strategy - Jun 2013

Submission to the House of Representatives into the TAFE system - Apr 2013

Submission on Australian Education Bill to House of Representatives Committee - Feb 2013

NFP Alliance letter to House of Representatives Committee on Australian Education Bill - Feb 2013

Submission on 2013-2014 Commonwealth Budget - Jan 2013

Submission on Future Provision of Years 11-12 education in regional Tasmania - Dec 2012

Submission on NSW Government Great Teaching Inspired Learning Discussion Paper - Nov 2012

Submission on South Australian Government Child Development Legislation - Oct 2012

Submission on South Australian Government Every chance for every child policy - Oct 2012

Submission on a National Career Development Strategy - Aug 2012

Submission on Charitable Fundraising Regulation Reform - Apr 2012

Submission on the ACNC Implementation Design - Feb 2012

Submission on NFP Governance Arrangements - Jan 2012

Submission on 2012-13 Commonwealth Budget - Jan 2012

Submission on ACNC draft Bill - Jan 2012

Submission to the Review of School Funding

Submission on a definition of Charity - Dec 2011

Submission on a National Childrens Commissioner - Dec 2011

Submission on Indigenous Higher Education - Nov 2011

Response to Skills Australia Consult on VET reforms -  Nov 2010

Mental health and wellbeing of children and young people Submission to the WA Childrens Commissioner - Nov 2010

Business School Connections Roundtable - Oct 2010

Submission to the Australian Government Social Inclusion Board - Jul 2010

MCEECDYA Indigenous Education Action Plan Draft 2010-2014 Submission -  Feb 2010

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