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Where we work: Partnership Brokers Queensland Region 9 - Darling Downs

Darling Downs Region

The Darling Downs region, located in the South West of Queensland spanning the four Regional Council areas of Western Downs, Toowoomba, Goondiwindi and Southern Downs, with an the estimated population of 232,745 people.

The region has long been one of Queensland’s most important agricultural assets, accounting for around a quarter of the state’s agricultural production. Based on the strong agriculture economy, the region has developed into a diverse and resilient economy. Mining has also been a mainstay of the Darling Downs economy. The large reserves of thermal coal and coal seam gas in the Surat Basin continue to attract international investment in this region.

Toowoomba has a long history as a place of education for families in western Queensland. The Partnership Brokers work with the education hub and bring new partnership opportunities to all young people in the region.


Strategic Direction for 2013-14


  • Working towards sustainability. Build the capacity of stakeholders to continue engaging and building partnerships that address local needs to maximise youth engagement in education and careers. Sharing the skills and knowledge of partnering with all stakeholders creates an ongoing legacy for community, education and employers to work together for the region’s future.
  • Engagement of Parents and Carers. Parent engagement is one of the key indicators for successful transition for their children. Our partnerships will aim to improve knowledge and understanding of how to best support students with their education and careers success.
  • Post School Options / Career Exploration. Partnerships that link career learning into schools by creating strong industry, school and community links and benefit the students and staff at the schools. Strong labour market responsiveness is key to improving transition to work.
  • Closing the Gap. Partnerships that improve outcomes for Indigenous young people and their families are supported and enhanced. Additional leverage that improves the efficiencies of a wide range of initiatives will be enhanced through partnerships.
  • At Risk Young People. We continue to work closely with Youth Connections programs and the Regional Youth Support Coordinator by creating partnerships that address youth disengagement and the factors that contribute to that disengagement.
  • Improving the Communication, Language and Literacy Levels of Young People and their Families. This region has significant refugee resettlement and migration. Sustainable partnerships that support whole families to improve in children’s capacity to succeed are key to achieving an improved future. an improved future.


Current projects

Agribusiness Connection Strategy

Bringing Employers and Schools Together - Southern Downs

Bringing Employers and Schools Together - Toowoomba

Careers in Action

Combined Schools Career Exploration Strategy

Dalby State High Creek Bed Program

Dalby Financial Literacy Partnership

DARE Student Mentoring Program

Deadly Diabetes Need for Feed Indigenous Program

Indigenous Toowoomba PaCE

Jack Martin Community Centre Committee

Killarney Early Years Initiative

Killarney State School Youth Resilience Ambassadors Partnership

Millmerran Multicultural Migrant Initiative

Need for Feed Program - Southern Downs

Need for Feed Program - Toowoomba 

P-10 Cluster Careers Strategy

Regional Response to Funding Cuts on the Southern Downs

Southern Downs Flexible Learning Hub - Educational and Training Reference Group

Southern Downs Youth Provider Networking Forum

Supporting Financial Literacy - Southern Downs

Supporting Financial Literacy - Toowoomba

TASCA - Toowoomba Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Sporting Complex Association

Tradeability Science and Engineering Strategy

Welcome To The World Of Work

Youth Reference Group - Regional QLD


Darling Downs Partnership Brokers April 2014

Darling Downs Partnership Brokers February 2014

Deborah Moseley, Partnership Broker Manager

Ph: (07) 4639 9601
Fax: (07) 4613 1596

Unit 2, 185 Perth Street
Toowoomba, QLD 4350

Nichole Spackman - Partnership Broker Toowoomba
Gloria Ridley - Partnership Broker Western Downs
Carol Meechan - Partnership Broker Southern Downs
Marlee Sutton - Admin Officer


Deborah Moseley - Partnership Broker Manager

Deborah Moseley - Partnership Broker Manager