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Darwin & Tiwi Region

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Where we work: Partnership Brokers Northern Territory Region 1 - Darwin & Tiwi

Darwin & Tiwi Region

The Darwin & Tiwi Islands region consists of the cities of Darwin and Palmerston and an area that covers approximately 200kms to the south of Darwin as well as the Tiwi Islands, about 80 kms to the north of Darwin.

The region has a total population of 123,165 people which fluctuates due to a range of factors including major projects such as the Inpex development; Australia’s defence commitment in the north; International agreements, such as the deployment of US military personnel in Darwin; Australia’s detention centre policy (with three detention centres in Darwin) and seasonal changes.

The region is focused on building partnerships between School, Business and Community to support young people to achieve Year 12 or equivalent qualifications and reach their full potential.


Strategic Direction for 2013-14

  • Strengthen the capacity of partnerships to be effective and self-sustaining in schools where The Smith Family has an existing relationship.
  • Further develop and create new partnerships in additional schools in the region.
  • Continue to develop a regional partnership that supports girls and education.
  • Create and develop local and/or regional partnership/s that extend learning/curriculum and promote school connection.
  • Continue to develop local and/or regional parenting support and engagement partnership/s.
  • Create and develop cross-sector, cross-government strategic partnerships to improve transitions and attainment.


Current projects

Growing Young Women
Karama Primary School Partnership
Millner Primary School Partnership
Partners Engaging Gray School
Power and Water Corporation and The Smith Family
Sanderson Middle School Partnership
Support and Advocacy for Girls Education (SAGE)

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Catherine Phillips, Regional Programs Manager

Ph: (08) 8985 6841
Fax: (08) 8985 5361

Level 1, 6 Pavonia Place
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Meredith Saunders - Senior Program Coordinator
Angela Crossland - Program Coordinator
Carmel Lohan - Program Coordinator

Catherine Phillips - Regional Programs Manager

Catherine Phillips - Regional Programs Manager