Q: How were Learning for Life participants selected for Donate Your Data?

The Smith Family wants as many of our Learning for Life ‘family’ to share in this great initiative as possible but it is limited to current Optus mobile numbers in our database.

Please note that we have protected your privacy and have not provided Optus with any of your personal details.

Q: How can I use this free mobile data?

  • You can use it for study, research, shopping or checking the latest posts on Facebook
  • We ask that you do NOT access any illegal content or inappropriate websites. This is an important part of the Terms of Use of this program that you must agree to
  • Data can only be used within Australia and is charged per KB of usage as per your current plans rate

For a classification of illegal or inappropriate material please go to this website - Australian Government Info on Prohibited Offensive and Illegal Content.

Optus also have some great information on cyber security, especially for children. Please go to Optus Protecting Your Kids online.

Q: What if I want to withdraw from the trial?

Being involved in Donate Your Data is completely voluntary – you can withdraw at any time without affecting your relationship with The Smith Family or Optus. All you need to do is SMS “STOP” to 7777. We may request your feedback on why you are choosing to withdraw at this time.

Remember that during the program you are not able to transfer your SIM to anyone else.

Q: What if I don’t use all of the data?

We’re hoping that generous Optus customers donate more data than what you need. But if you don’t end up using all of the free data, we can’t roll it over, or transfer it. Any unused free data will expire at the end of each month.

Can I be a part of the program?

If you eligible to be part of this program you will received an SMS from us. All you have to do is SMS “THANKS” to 7777. Optus will receive this text and get you onto the program.

If you have not received an SMS from us, we’re sorry but this offer is limited only to selected Learning for Life participants and/or qualifying Optus customers.

Q: How do I tell you what I think about the program?

Your opinion and experiences during the program are key to making it a success. You may be contacted during the program to share your thoughts on it via survey. Please be honest – the information we get from you is important to us.

Q: I am a Learning for Life participant AND an Optus customer. Why didn’t I get an invitation to register for the program but my friend/family member did?

For this program only Optus customers on certain plans qualified to participate.

The eligible plans are:

  • New Turbo Cap Plus
  • Optus Prepaid Social 4G Ready
  • Turbo Cap Plus
  • Turbo Cap Bonus
  • Super Cap by Optus
  • My Prepaid Monthly
  • My Prepaid Monthly Plus
  • My Prepaid Ultimate

Additionally, the phone number we have for you may not be current. Please contact your The Smith Family representative if you’d like to update your details in our database.

We will be sending out more invitations again in early 2017 – so keep an eye out.

Q: I received the text message but haven’t heard anything else and don’t seem to have free data?

You may not have fully or correctly completed the registration process, SMS the word “THANKS” to 7777 to try again. Remember credit is added at the end of each month so you need to make sure the end of the month has passed. However if you only registered the day before the last of the month you won’t receive any credit until the following month. Also check that your phone is active. Optus can only credit free data to active Optus SIMs.

Q: How many times will I receive free data?

You will receive data once a month after you have registered for the program.

Q: What happens if I change carriers during the trial?

The Donate Your Data program is exclusive to active Optus customers, so if you change carriers, you will be unable to continue participating in the trial.

Q: What is the deadline to register for the program?

There is no deadline. You can register at any time after receiving the SMS invitation.

Q: How will my personal information be used?

Your privacy is of the utmost importance both to Optus and The Smith Family. By participating in the program, you agree to let Optus gather information about how much of the donated data is used each month. This information will also be shared with The Smith Family. However, your personal details are not provided to Optus nor will you be identified in any other way

Optus is working with a company called Emagine, who will be responsible for loading the donated data on to your Optus SIM. Optus will provide Emagine with ONLY your mobile phone number. No other identifying information will be shared.

Any information collected as part of the program will not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to any other party.

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