VIEW Clubs of Australia

Women creating and leading a more inclusive Australian society.

VIEW is a leading women’s volunteer organisation and support network that empowers women to have their voices heard on issues of importance for the future wellbeing of Australian society.

As a valued part of The Smith Family for more than 55 years, VIEW members contribute significant fundraising and volunteering support to help Australian children in need reach their full potential through education. It is the only national women’s organisation solely focused on supporting and advocating for young Australians in need.

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VIEW club national executive

VIEW club national executive

VIEW members contribute by:

  • Reading with local children to advance their literacy skills

  • Helping students with school work at our after school Learning Clubs

  • Mentoring students taking part in our mentoring programs

  • Making library bags and donating school stationery packs to disadvantaged students.

As a leading voice and valued support network for women, VIEW creates social capital in Australian communities.

About VIEW

With 17,000 members representing over 340 clubs nationwide, the VIEW network provides the opportunity for women from all walks of life to meet regularly. VIEW members connect with each other, support each other and reach out into their wider communities with the aim of supporting Australian children in need.

VIEW’s ability to raise awareness and build networks in local communities helps to promote the cause and work of The Smith Family.

For more information on VIEW clubs visit the VIEW Clubs website or call 1800 805 366. To find your nearest VIEW club contact your local VIEW National Councillor.