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  • 09 December 2016

    Opinion: The latest trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)

    Do you remember being at school and feeling overwhelmed by maths? You are not alone. Many adults and children in Australia struggle with numeracy, and yet this skill is increasi...

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  • 09 December 2016

    The Smith Family CEO recognised for impact on young Australians in need

    Chief Executive Officer of The Smith Family, Dr Lisa O’Brien has received Pro Bono...

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  • 29 November 2016

    Dr Lisa O'Brien shaping education for disadvantaged children

    The Educator Magazine’s second annual Hot List has recognised the Chief Executive Officer of The Smith Family, Dr Lisa O’Brien, as one of the top 40 most influential...

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  • 17 October 2016

    Our actions stop poor children becoming poor adults

    In Australia today, one in 10 children is growing up in a jobless family. Too often the family struggles that affect a child’s home life can flow on to affect their school...

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  • 06 July 2016

    Opinion: Non-cognitive skills make a big difference

    I was reflecting recently on how as children we learn many of the non-cognitive skills that are needed for learning and for life.
    I then remembered how it was that I firs...

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  • 30 April 2016

    Letter to the Editor: Smith Family earns HD

    The solution to improving Australia's literacy and numeracy skills and Year 12 completion rates, particularly among disadvantaged students, (“Spend money on education or b...

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  • 07 March 2016

    Opinion: Culture shock awaits disadvantaged students who make it through to university

    For students who have overcome a lifetime of disadvantage and barriers to their education, their big first day at university too often contains another surprise – the fina...

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  • 20 January 2016

    Opinion: What's next for school leavers who don't go to uni?

    With the holiday period drawing to a close, it’s back to work for most of us. But for many thousands of 2015 high school graduates it can be...

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  • 16 January 2017

    Poor Australian children need sponsors to invest in their education

    Thousands of children will start the school year without education essentials as disadvantaged families struggle with the basic costs of their child’s public schooling, ac...

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