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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs

Every year we support over 8,822 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

By almost all socio-economic indicators, Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are the most disadvantaged group in the country.

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students face additional challenges in their journey through and beyond school and due to their circumstances are often less likely to complete Year 12 than other students. There are strong links between higher levels of education and improved employment, income and health outcomes.

Our work in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities aims to keep children, families and communities engaged in learning by providing positive educational experiences, opportunities to grow life skills and access to role models.

With a focus on working together with communities, schools and government, we strive to be culturally responsive, effective and holistic.

Group of happy Aboriginal girls

our reconciliation action plan

Our vision for reconciliation is a nation where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children fully benefit from the education and learning opportunities that this nation has to offer and are truly valued as the First Peoples of Australia through a deep respect and understanding by the broader Australian community.

Our aim is to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families through our educational and learning support programs; enrich the lives of our staff, supporters and volunteers through a deeper understanding and connection to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; and to provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to contribute through our programs.

The Smith Family’s 2017-20 Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) signals our continued public commitment to the reconciliation process.

The Smith Family is committed to promoting reconciliation across our organisation and sector. We invite our partner schools and Early Learning program schools to seek further support and guidance through the Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Schools and Early Learning program.

Teachers and educators can also access the Narragunnawali professional learning resources and webinars to support the implementation of reconciliation initiatives.

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