About Us

The Smith Family is a national, independent children's charity helping disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.

A message from The Smith Family CEO, Lisa O'Brien

A message from The Smith Family CEO, Lisa O'Brien

We truly believe supporting a child’s education is the best way to help break the cycle of disadvantage. By giving disadvantaged children and young people the support and resources they need to achieve their full potential, our impact will have a lasting effect on those we help today, and for generations to come.

One in seven Australian children and young people living in poverty1 need our support to make the most of their education. I urge you to explore our website to learn more about this important issue, our programs, and how you can make a difference.

We are truly grateful to the many thousands of caring Australians who support the work we do for families in need. Without your generosity, our work in 94 communities across Australia simply wouldn't be possible.


A better future for young Australians in need.


To create opportunities for young Australians in need by providing long-term support for their participation in education.


Every child deserves a chance.


Respect | We are caring
Integrity | We are ethical
Collaboration | We work together
Innovation | We are dynamic
Excellence | We strive for quality

1ACOSS & SPRC (2016) Poverty in Australia, 2016, Australian Council of Social Services, Sydney.