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Regular school attendance is essential for students to achieve positive educational outcomes.

83% is the average attendance for Years 1-10 Learning for Life students in 2022


Each year of schooling a child completes leads to better overall life outcomes, and improves their ability to make economic and social contributions to the community.

66% of Learning for Life students in Year 10 in 2020 advanced to Year 12 by 2022.

Tertiary Continuation and Completion Rate

We measure the proportion of first-year Learning for Life tertiary students who continue into their second year at university. In 2022-23 this was 88.1%.

We also measure the proportion of students who complete a tertiary qualification within four years.  In 2022 this was 52.9%.

Post School Engagement

We measure the proportion of Learning for Life students who transition successfully from school to further education, training or employment.

In 2022 this was 85% of students who had been in Year 12 in 2020.


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