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Our finances

Together we're making a difference

In the last year our work reached more than 143,648 children and young people in need in 94 communities across Australia, thanks to the support of caring Australians.

Over the five years to June 2018, an average of $3 in every $4 raised from individual supporters, corporate partners and governments has been available for spending on our Community Programs.

We continue to manage the funds entrusted to us effectively and efficiently, helping us to direct more of the funds raised to our community programs by:

  • maintaining our expenditure on administration at just 2.1% (averaged over the last five years), and
  • through an incredible 8,389 volunteers supporting our work in every state and territory in 2017–18, donating more than 410,000 hours of their time, valued at $12.1m.

Thanks to the ongoing commitment of all our supporters, in 2017–18 we invested a record $74.6 million in our community programs, up 13.2% on the previous year. This meant we could help 143,648 disadvantaged children and young people; a very pleasing 19% increase in our reach compared to the prior year.

75 per cent of supporter funds raised spent on programs

Annual Report 2017–18

Reaching more young Australians in need

Innovating to Create Lasting Change

The Smith Family provides long-term educational support for disadvantaged Australian children and young people. Our support starts in a child’s early years, working with their family and community to prepare them for school.

When a child is at school, we make sure they have the resources and support they need to attend regularly, engage in learning and be motivated to stay at school until they complete Year 12. At the same time, we support parents by giving them the skills and confidence to encourage learning at home and to engage positively in their child’s education.

Because we measure and track the outcomes of our work, we know our long-term, targeted approach is helping disadvantaged students to build better futures for themselves.

By improving their educational outcomes, our work is having a lasting impact on young Australians in need.

Together with our supporters, we have helped more disadvantaged children to break the cycle of disadvantage.

Our Annual Report provides a comprehensive summary of our progress during 2017–2018 towards achieving our ambition to ensure the effectiveness of our programs, and significantly increase our reach to improve educational outcomes for more children in need.


Previous Annual Reports & Financial Reports

Downloadable PDFs

Annual Report 2017–18 (Pdf, 5,307 KB)
Financial Report 2017–18 (Pdf, 300 KB)

Annual Report 2016–17 (Pdf, 6.764 KB)
Financial Report 2016–17 (Pdf, 526 KB)

Annual Report 2015–16 (Pdf, 3,648 KB)
Financial Report 2015–16 (Pdf, 545 KB)

Annual Report 2014–15 (Pdf, 5,098 KB)
Financial Report 2014–15 (Pdf, 253 KB)

Annual Report 2013–14 (Pdf, 4,478 KB)
Financial Report 2013–14 (Pdf, 253 KB)

The Smith Family Stories - Bringing It All Together

We are governed by our Constitution

The Smith Family constitution
The original constitution of The Smith Family as drawn up in 1922.

We are governed by our Constitution

The Smith Family is a registered charity. We are governed by a Constitution and embed governance structure that enables us to achieve our mission in a way that is consistent with our vision, values and strategy, creating opportunities for young Australians in need by providing long-term support for their participation in education.

The Smith Family's charitable status

The Smith Family’s status as a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) was confirmed in July 2005 by the Australian Taxation Office as part of its registration requirements for all non-profit entities, as was the organisation’s status as an Income Tax Exempt Charity and a Deductible Gift Recipient. The organisation enjoys certain other tax concessions and exemptions consistent with its status as a PBA which relate to Goods & Services and Fringe Benefit Taxes.

The Smith Family is registered as required by law in each State and Territory where it raises funds as follows:

Australian Capital Territory

Registration number L19000133 – renewable in 2020

New South Wales

Registration number CFN 11049 – renewable in 2019


Registration number CP 4163 – registration is ongoing subject to meeting certain annual financial reporting requirements

South Australia

Registration number 778 – ongoing subject to continued registration with the ACNC


Registration number 170 – registration is ongoing


Registration number 10290 – renewable in 2021

Western Australia

Registration number 20352 – renewable annually

Smith Family is a company limited by guarantee (ABN 28 000 030 179). The Smith Family’s auditor is Ernst & Young. Legal services are provided by King & Wood Mallesons and banking by Westpac Banking Corporation.

The Smith Family logo watermark

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