Include a gift in your will

Include a Gift in your Will to change the lives of Australian children in need

With your help, the next generation of poor Australian children doesn’t have to become the next generation of poor Australian adults.

Leaving a Gift in your Will is a wonderful way to ensure that Australia’s most highly disadvantaged children have the support they need for school, so they can build a better future for themselves.

Too many children struggling with poverty simply can’t imagine a life free from need, disappointment and struggle.

Today, you have the opportunity to ensure a disadvantaged Australian child can access the same learning opportunities as their peers, stay engaged with their education and realise their potential.

Growing up in poverty meant Rhiannon couldn’t fit in and enjoy school like the other students

Rhiannon and her grandmother

Her parent’s financial disadvantage meant that Rhiannon missed out on the support that other children take for granted. She couldn’t keep up with the teacher, and the other children made fun of her. Increasingly, Rhiannon withdrew and eventually she just wished she was invisible.

Unfortunately, Rhiannon’s story isn’t unique; The Smith Family work with children just like her every day.

Leaving a Gift in your Will means that you can change the future for generations of disadvantaged children. Your gift will provide ongoing support and effective out-of-school learning programs throughout a child’s education. These will help future generations of disadvantaged children to find their inner confidence, realise their potential and create a better future for themselves – just like Rhiannon has.

When you leave a Gift in your Will you’ll be helping to end poverty in Australia through the power of education.

We really believe in The Smith Family, and what they do for Australian children. Leaving a Gift in our Will was a natural extension of our support! It’s costing us nothing today, and whatever we leave will be a big help to Australian children in need in the future.

Velda & John, The Smith Family supporters

Everything you need to know about leaving a Gift in your Will is inside the brochure. Please download the brochure for details.

How to leave a gift in your Will

Step 1. Speak to your family and loved ones

This is a personal decision for you to make, but we recommend letting your family know that you are planning to leave a gift to The Smith Family so they are aware of your decision.

Step 2. Decide what kind of gift to leave

There are three main ways to leave a Gift in your Will to The Smith Family.

Step 3. Get the help of a professional solicitor

The Smith Family recommend that you consult a solicitor before writing, or updating your Will.

Step 4. Making your Will

To include your chosen gift to The Smith Family when you write your Will, provide your solicitor with the following wording:

“I . . . . . . . . . . . . bequeath to The Smith Family ABN 28 000 030 179 (insert the percentage or residue of your client’s estate, the amount of money, or the details of assets your client wishes to leave). My bequest is to be used for the general purposes of The Smith Family. I declare that the receipt of the Secretary or other proper officer shall be a complete discharge of my bequest.”

Ben Watkinson, Company Secretary

Leaving a Gift in your Will is not a complicated thing to do. Nevertheless, we do recommend that you consult a solicitor or legal advisor before writing or updating your Will. They will help you through the process and ensure that all your paperwork is in order.

Ben Watkinson, Company Secretary

Please download “Information for Solicitors” for more details about how to make or amend your Will.

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Jackie Travers

I believe in education, and I’ve benefited from education. The world has changed dramatically since we were children. And I know that today, it’s difficult to carve out a future without a solid education behind you.

With a Gift in your Will, the next generation of poor Australian children doesn’t have to become the next generation of poor Australian adults.

Jakki Travers, Gifts in Wills Manager

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