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Sam* is only eight years old and even by adult standards he’s had a very hard year

At just eight years old Sam has already experienced sorrow that many of us as adults haven’t had to go through. Imagine being just eight years old and your close, loving family has had their whole world turned upside down.

Can you imagine how stressful this must be?


Sam can’t keep up at school and he’s losing confidence by the day


Sam can’t keep up at school and he’s losing confidence by the day

Earlier this year Sam tragically lost his mum to a rare heart condition. Sam is the youngest in a family of six. Adding to this awful loss, Sam’s dad Greg had his own health problems, making it impossible for him to work. And on top of their grief they are now struggling financially.

For Sam, this has had a profound impact on his school life. With so much happening at home, and with his dad trying to make ends meet, Sam hasn’t had the help he needs to keep up at school. Each day he is falling further and further behind.

Just a few months ago Sam’s reading age was assessed at two years behind his classmates. This makes it nearly impossible to keep up in class, and he’s losing confidence by the day.

A generous gift from you today will help provide crucial support to 8,847 children just like Sam. We need your help to raise $3.7 million by 31 December.


While we can’t ease the grief his family is experiencing we can make sure poverty doesn’t define Sam. For children living in poverty like Sam, school is just another place they go without. They go without the right uniform and school shoes; they go without the extra learning support they need to keep up in class.

Sam especially struggles with his reading. He told us that his tummy sinks every time he’s called up to read in front of his peers. He remembers clearly the day his whole class found out how much he struggled.

Without extra support, some children can get so tired of failing that they simply stop trying. This can set a pattern for their whole life that becomes increasingly hard to break – unless we intervene early and provide long-term support throughout their education journey.

Your support can help children like Sam get the extra help they really need

With your support, children like Sam can participate in our Learning for Life education support programs, which aim to help students improve their skills in areas that will make a big difference to their lives at school and beyond.

Whether it’s benefiting from after-school support offered at Learning Clubs, or practising reading each week with a student2student buddy, our programs help disadvantaged children gain the skills and confidence they need to fully participate at school. It is in these formative years we can provide extra support to children who really need it, so they stay at school, graduate, and have the opportunity to go onto further study or employment. That’s how we end poverty, one student at a time.


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Growing up with your support can change a child’s life

Education is a proven pathway out of poverty. Our research shows that when you support a disadvantaged child’s education, you can help change their future. With your support, more disadvantaged children like Sam can access our vital learning programs.

Will you help provide crucial support to 8,847 children just like Sam? We need to raise $3.66 million by 31 December to make this possible.

Your support this Christmas will help more children living in poverty get the education they need to build a better future.

Christmas Appeal

"If The Smith Family can help me, I know they can help other kids too."

Help create a better future for some of Australia's poorest children

Our programs help disadvantaged children engage with their education, and create a better future for themselves. Our programs support children and young people to participate more fully in their education by providing innovative, evidence-based programs and emotional, practical and financial support throughout their schooling and tertiary education.

This support gives students the skills, motivation and essentials to stay in school and get the most from their education so they can create a better future for themselves. Two of our most widely implemented programs are Student2Student and Learning Club – both programs have helped students make significant progress in their learning.

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* Sam’s name, location and associated images have been changed to protect his identity.