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Toy & Book Appeal FAQs


Donations of toys and books are made by generous supporters like you all over the country. In addition, we purchase toys and books using funds donated to the Toy & Book Appeal, and through our online gift catalogue. Volunteers then sort, pack and deliver the gifts to disadvantaged families all over Australia, ready for Christmas morning.

This year we are aiming to deliver gifts to 27,000 children and your support will help us do that.

By making a purchase through our online gift catalogue you can avoid shopping centres and queues, and help us reduce storage, transport and delivery costs.

Funds raised through the online gift catalogue are used to purchase and deliver gifts for children in need.

There are drop-off locations around the country where you can deliver your gift to. To find your closest venue and opening times, please refer to the list of Gift Collection sites, or on the back of your Donated Gift Form.

Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we are unable to pick up your donated gifts.

While it may seem helpful to wrap your gift, this often creates problems in the sorting and packing process. It also mean that parents don’t get to see or wrap the gift for their child. Unwrapped gifts only please.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to accept secondhand or handmade toys. For some of our children, these will be the only gifts they receive this Christmas, so we want these to be brand new special gifts just for them.

Absolutely! We just ask that you include the required batteries with the toy. Batteries can be costly and this would be an additional cost for the family during an already stressful and expensive time.

First you need to register online. This gives you access to a range of downloadable resources you can use to promote your hosted gift collection.

Your gifts are given to families on our Learning for Life program. Toy and Book Packs are offered to children aged 0-12 years. This year we have a shortage of gifts for boys and girls between the ages of 6-12 years.

Donations of new toys and books help us ensure that they are of good quality and usable when they are opened on Christmas morning. This year we have a shortage of gifts for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12 years. Gifts such as board games and activity-based toys are always well-received.

Don’t forget that your gift should be ready to play with as soon as it’s opened on Christmas morning. When you’re deciding what to buy, remember to include batteries if needed, and colouring pencils for colouring-in books.

A Toy and Book Pack is made up of three toys (one big and two small) and two books. Where possible, we try to provide a mix of fun and educational toys and books.

It’s important that we provide families with appropriate gifts for Christmas. We have a number of items we can’t accept because they prove difficult to pack, or are not appropriate for a wide range of children. Repurposing the items below can end up costing us money. Money we’d rather use to provide more toys and books.

Every year, we deliver Christmas gifts to more disadvantaged children, and more than 2,000 volunteers spend over 12,000 hours packing and preparing toys and books ready for delivery. Keeping up with food, drinks and packing supplies can be a costly exercise.

Thankfully, we receive a lot of support from generous businesses, who donate catering, warehousing, freight and storage, which helps keep our costs low. If you think you can help, please drop us a line at [email protected]

Our Learning for Life program provides emotional, practical and financial support to help disadvantaged children and young people with their education. Our support starts in the early years of learning development and continues through primary and high school. Our programs help build skills, knowledge, motivation, self-belief and a network of positive relationships with parents, peers and significant others. This support increases a young person’s likelihood of remaining engaged with school, completing Year 12 and developing realistic and informed study and career pathways for life beyond the school gate.

Gift suggestions

Toys Books Educational Toys
  • Push and walk toys
  • Building blocks
  • Push and pull toys
  • Pretend play toys Eg toy keys, phone, kitchen sets
  • Large balls
  • Soft material bath books
  • Counting books
  • Alphabet books
  • Board books
  • Musical toys
    Eg toy keyboard, guitar, maracas
  • Tangible ‘feeling’ toys
  • Sensory toys with mirrors, sounds or textures
ToysBooksEducational Toys
  • Toy trucks, tractors and cars
  • Pretend play sets Eg tea party set, plastic golf sets
  • Building and construction blocks
  • Dolls Eg Barbie, La Newborn
  • Duplo (larger blocks)
  • Sand toys Eg bucket and spade
  • Water toys
  • Picture story books Eg Possum Magic
  • Educational books Eg alphabet, numbers or colours
  • Lift the flap books
  • Golden Books
  • Matching games Eg cards
  • Simple puzzles
ToysBooksEducational Toys
  • Magnetic toys
  • Transformer toys
  • Dolls or figurines
  • Matchbox cars
  • Barbie dolls or My Little Pony sets
  • Throw and catch Eg grip ball
  • Skipping rope
  • Pool toys Eg inflatable toys
  • Repetitive books Eg Dr Seuss Cat in The Hat
  • Books with an educational focus Eg Titch
  • Fairytale books Eg Goldilocks and the three bears
  • Activity and colouring books
  • Imaginative play - dress ups, puppets
  • Fine motor skill games Eg Operation, Barrel of Monkeys
  • Creative activities Eg Playdough, colouring activities
  • Easy jigsaw puzzles
  • Board games Eg Snakes and Ladders, Guess Who
ToysBooksEducational Toys
  • Creative sets Eg Paint set, textas, crayons, chalk
  • Active games Eg bowling set, catch ball set
  • Imaginative play Eg action figurines, Monster High, Shopkins, Duplo
  • Outdoor toys Eg kite, frisbee, yoyo
  • Lego
  • Remote control cars
  • Picture story books Eg The Day the Crayons Quit
  • Small chapter books Eg Aussie Nibble
  • Educational Picture Story Books
  • Board Games Eg Connect Four, Pop N Hop, Mouse Trap, Hungry Hippo, Jenga
  • Art, craft and bead sets
  • Jigsaw puzzles
ToysBooksEducational Toys
  • Sports toys Eg netball, basketball, football
  • Board games Eg Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Family Feud
  • Beach sporting goods
  • Remote control car
  • Chapter books Eg Aussie Bites, 75th Story Treehouse, Rainbow Magic
  • Educational picture story books Eg Just another Ordinary Day, Count on Frank
  • Children’s novels
  • Board games Eg Chess, Checkers, Guess Who?
  • Art and craft sets
  • Interactive board games Eg Twister, Pictionary
  • Meccano sets
  • Lego
ToysBooksEducational Toys
  • Sports toys Eg netball, basketball
  • Beach sporting goods
  • Stationary Eg diaries, notebooks, glitter pens
  • Interactive board games Eg Twister, Pictionary
  • Board games Eg Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Family Feud
  • Meccano kits
  • Chapter books Eg Books by Judy Moody
  • Short novels
  • Board games Eg Game of Life, Scattergories, Scrabble
  • Science kits
  • 500-1000 piece jigsaw puzzles

Very special thanks for Christmas 2018

This past Christmas, thousands of individuals and organisations helped us collect, pack and distribute Toy & Book packs around Australia. Thanks to your support we were able to brighten Christmas for thousands of Australian children.

We are so grateful for the generous in–kind support given by the following organisations:

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