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Optus Gifted - FAQs

About Optus Gifted

  • Participants must be above 8 years of age and be a member of a Learning for Life scholarship family. Students under 14 years will require a parent to activate the SIM with their details
  • For students over 18 years they need to be in receipt of a Smith Family tertiary scholarship to be eligible
  • A Scholarship family can have up to five students receiving the offer
  • Participants must have their own mobile phone

Optus is offering eligible students free access to the Optus Prepaid $40 Epic Value plan for three years. This includes;

  • Unlimited Standard National Talk & Text 
  • 10GB data per 42 days (Optus’ Fair Go Policy applies)

Families will need to register with The Smith Family before 19th July 2019 and become an Optus customer to participate in Optus Gifted. All participants must agree to The Smith Family’s terms of use and Optus’ Terms and Conditions.

By registering to take up the offer students (under 18 years of age) must obtain their parents/guardians permission to participate. All students will need to comply with the terms of use as outlined on this page.

We know not every family has access to the internet. Optus is a long-standing supporter of The Smith Family and are excited to support our Learning for Life families through Optus Gifted. We believe Optus Gifted will make it easier for students to learn, helping them reach their full potential.

No. You will not receive a bill on Optus Gifted. However, other charges will apply if you wish to purchase additional data or access international calling or any other non-standard service offered by Optus. You will be responsible for these costs.

You will need to decide if you want to keep this. If you cancel an existing mobile contract with Optus or another provider, you will need to pay any cancellation fees which may be incurred. Please check the cancellation costs associated with your contract before you decide to participate in the Optus Gifted offer.

If you do not want to cancel your current contract but would still like to take part in Optus Gifted, you will need to manage multiple SIMs.

Yes you can. During the activation of the SIM you can either select a number for the SIM card or opt to keep your current number.

  • If you are coming from another provider: If you are currently in a mobile contract with another provider keeping your existing number will automatically cancel the contract with your current provider and as a result you may incur cancellation fees.
  • If you are an existing Optus Prepaid customer: You can keep your existing phone number by selecting “replace SIM” when you go to using the SIM provided by us. You will then need to change plans to the Epic Value plan by texting MENU to 9999. Any existing inclusions will be lost when a rate plan change is completed.
  • If you are an existing Optus contract or “post-paid” customer: If you have a contract with Optus you can keep your number by completing a post-paid to prepaid transfer to the eligible plan, then choosing “replace SIM” when you go to Any existing contract cancellation fees may apply, so be sure to check these and any inclusions you have on that plan will be lost.

Registrations are now closed. You need to activate the SIM card before 31st August 2019. The offer lasts for three years from the time you activate the SIM. This means as long as you remain eligible you will continue to receive the free recharges for three years.

The Optus SIM card you used will no longer receive the automatic recharges.

You can keep the SIM and mobile number with Optus be recharging it at your own cost, however there is no obligation to do so.


You will have received an invitation from us to register for Optus Gifted.

  • Follow the instructions contained in that email to register.
  • If you have any issues filling in the form or did not receive the invite please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Registrations are now closed. Once you have received your Optus Gifted SIM card you have until 31st August 2019 to activate it to receive the free recharges.

Once you have activated the SIM, it is important that you let The Smith Family know the mobile phone number you have selected for each child’s SIM card. You can email these details to [email protected]

You will need to provide some personal information to Optus to activate the SIM. We suggest you read Optus’s Privacy Policy to understand how they will use your personal information. Your personal information held by The Smith Family will not be shared with Optus and is covered by our Privacy Policy.

Yes, by participating in this offer Optus will know you are supported by The Smith Family. However, once you activate the SIM card this information will not be stored on your Optus record, which means that if you contact Optus for any reason the person you are talking to will not automatically know you are taking part in Optus Gifted.

The Smith Family will post your SIM in the mail within 48 hours of registering for Optus Gifted. If you do not receive your SIM in 2 weeks please call 1800 280 223.

Activating the SIM card

You can activate the SIM online at or by placing the SIM card in your mobile phone and following the on-screen steps. This is outlined in the booklet you will receive with the SIM card.

You will need identification (such as drivers licence, passport, debit or credit card) to activate the SIM. For students aged 8 - 14 years, a parent or carer will need to activate the SIM card. For students 14 years, the SIM can be activated in their own name.

All SIM’s need to be activated by 31st August 2019. Please let the Smith Family know the mobile phone number you picked for each SIM card even if you kept your current number. You can call us on 1800 280 223 or email it to [email protected]

If you need help to activate the SIM card call The Smith Family on 1800 280 223 and you will be put through to one of our friendly tech support staff who will assist. When you call please let us know you are calling about Optus Gifted.


You can use Optus Gifted for study, homework, research and social media. By registering for Optus Gifted you agreed NOT to access or send any illegal content or inappropriate websites. This is an important part of the Terms of Use of this offer. Optus also has great information on cyber security, especially for children. Please go to the Optus Website and search for Protecting Your Kids online.

Unlimited standard national talk and text includes unlimited voice calls and text messages to standard national numbers, mobile and 13 / 1300 numbers. It does not include international calls, calls whilst roaming or premium calls. The plan is covered by Optus’s Fair Go Policy.

You will receive an SMS every 42 days once your recharge has been applied. You will be able to monitor data usage via the My Optus app available in the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Androids (app is free to download; however data use will be incurred to download the app). Once you have this you can see how much data you have and how much you have used.

You can track your data usage on the Optus app or by texting “bal” to 9999.

If you use all the 10GB data allowance you will no longer be able to access the internet until your data is reloaded (at the end of the 42 day cycle). However, you do have the option to top up your data if you want to pay for it. This can be done via the My Optus app.

Yes you can. To do so you need to set up a Wi-FI hotspot on your mobile phone and then connect your computer/laptop or tablet via the Wi-FI settings.

You may wish to purchase a Wi-Fi adapter. These are available to purchase at your local electronics or computer store.

No you will not receive a bill each month.

If you move you can still continue to receive Gifted. You just need to let The Smith Family know of your change of address.

If you have any problems related to your data or phone service or interrupted service, you can contact Optus via or by using web chat on the Optus website.


The Optus Gifted program is exclusive to active Optus customers, so if you change carriers, you will be unable to continue participating.

If you change your mind and want to stop using Optus Gifted let The Smith Family know by calling 1800 280 223 or email [email protected] and we will ask Optus to remove you from Gifted.

Please contact The Smith Family on 1800 280 223 or email us [email protected]

You can request a new Optus Gifted SIM card if it has been lost, broken or stolen. We will ask Optus to cancel that SIM card before we can send you a new SIM card. Once you receive it, you will need to do a SIM swap to continue your participation in Optus Gifted.

Or if your question isn’t answered there please give us a call on 1800 280 223.

If you have already signed up and have questions about data or connection issues, please contact Optus.

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