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Strategic Partnerships in Schools

Partnerships to improve student learning outcomes

Schools are increasingly being asked to prepare students for a rapidly changing world and deliver improved generic skills beyond literacy and numeracy. These demands stretch the teaching and learning load. At the same time, students, families, schools and their communities face an increasingly complex array of issues. For example, some schools – particularly schools based in disadvantaged and regional communities – are vulnerable because they have fewer resources and reduced access to services.

School-based strategic partnerships assist teachers and principals in addressing entrenched educational underperformance in schools, particularly in low socio-economic communities.

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Benefits delivered through strategic partnerships

Children and young people perform better where schools utilise the variety of networks, organisations and activities available in the community. Partnering with external organisations boosts the capacity of schools to improve outcomes for students and address barriers to learning.
Australian Council for Education Research, 2008, Schools First Final Report

Benefits delivered through strategic partnerships

  • Early identification of children and young people’s needs and quicker access to services

  • Improved educational outcomes and increased engagement and participation in school

  • Improved self-confidence and wellbeing

  • More positive school environment

  • Improved communication between schools and families and improved family engagement

  • Greater community connectedness and capacity

  • A widening of schools’ external contacts, networks and partnerships and enhanced social capital

  • Stronger relationships between schools and other local services, such as public housing and health

  • The promotion of lifelong learning through the re-engagement of adults with education

How we can help your school to develop strategic partnerships

When you engage The Smith Family to provide consultation services for your school’s strategic partnerships plan, our team will begin working with you on a thorough examination of your school’s assets and strengths and reviewing your existing stakeholder relationships.

Our service comprises

  • Developing evidence-based plans and universal interventions,  biased towards vulnerable students, helping you access available resources, networks and funding; establish strategic partnerships; and build the capacity of both the school and staff

  • Developing strategic plans for the school working closely with principals and leadership teams; advising on improving engagement with parents and other local stakeholders

  • Supporting principals to effectively network with other principals along with parents and associations to share evidence-based practice

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Our approach

School Community Partnerships

Our approach

The Smith Family’s approach empowers principals and school communities to address their challenges with the resources they need. This approach ensures there is sufficient strategy, support and training for school leaders and their boards to plan well and make good decisions for their students.

Focusing on the issue

  • Analysing the school review and other information to identify issues impacting on student learning outcomes

  • Reviewing the literature in relation to the impact of the issue on student achievement and engagement

  • Validating issues with school and community agency leaders; finalise a list of key issues for mitigation

  • Identifying program intervention/change strategies to address issues

Producing the Strategic Partnerships Plan

  • Developing an evidence-informed strategic partnerships plan including an implementation approach

  • Recommending  a range of strategic partnerships to address each identified issue

  • Proposing a timeframe for implementation

Contact Us

For more information on our Strategic Partnerships Consultancy Services or our work please contact

Anton Leschen
General Manager, Victoria

(03) 9473 4333    

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