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Charity Gifts

Gift ideas packed with thoughtfulness

They say it’s the thought that counts, yet putting a thought into action is what really changes lives. In fact, our first ever act, the one that brought The Smith Family into being, was a group of businessmen doing what they could do to address poverty. In 1922, five Australian businessmen decided to spread the joy of Christmas by taking gifts to the children at the local orphanage. When they asked who the children should thank, the men modestly chose anonymity. “Smith. We are all Smiths.” A concept - and a family - was born.

Today, we know that education is the best way out of disadvantage. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to to become their best. With the support of programs, these kids will fit in and belong at school, so that they can concentrate on learning and unlock their potential. Today, there are more than 1.1m Australian children and young people living in poverty.1 Last year we helped more than 174,823 Australian children and their families.

This range of gifts don’t contribute more unnecessary stuff to the world. They’re fun, they do good things and they’re perfect for someone that thinks like you. They are 100% tax deductible and perfect for last minute gifts for far-away recipients.

You - and the person receiving your gift - will not only be spreading the joy, but know you’ve made a real difference to a child in need.

All proceeds from our online shop will help Australian children in need reach their potential.

How our Charity Gifts work

Charity Gifts

How our Charity Gifts work

To purchase a Charity Gift you firstly select from our range of products. Each product focuses on a specific area of support for a child - everything from math to music. Next you select the type of card that you would like to send your recipient. You can choose from:

  • eCard: a virtual card will be sent via email to the recipient
  • Download: a printable card will sent to you via email to print on your home printer and give to your recipient
  • No card: you will just receive your tax receipt as acknowledgment of your generous support

How to order a gift

To make it a little less stressful we offer three different ways you can order a Charity Gift. Whatever is easier for you!

1. Online

Using our secure Online Store you can place an order online, eCards and Downloadable Cards are available online only while Printed Cards are not available online.

2. Via phone

You can call our Supporter Care Team on 1800 024 069. They are available to take your call Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm AEST.

3. Via our Charity Gifts Catalogue

By completing the Order Form in the back of your catalogue and returning to us via the reply paid self addressed envelope. Just make sure you allow enough time for us to receive your mail.

Please allow 14 days for all printed cards to be delivered.

A selection of School Essentials Charity Gifts

Sponsor a Child for One Month

Charity Gifts - Sponsor a Child for One Month

Sponsor a Child for One Month

When your family is unable to bring home regular income, the priority is paying for food and utility bills. School expenses are a challenge for financially disadvantaged families. By sponsoring a disadvantaged student for one month, this Charity Gift contributes to the basics like a school bag, proper uniform or the schoolbooks a child needs for their education.

Sponsor a Child for One Month - $52

SmArts Program

When money is tight, creativity is often forced to take a back seat. This gift gives disadvantaged children the opportunity to discover and put their creativity to use, increasing their self-belief. They will delight in art workshops and creative courses, unleashing potential and building confidence as they go.

SmArts Program - $65

Sporting Essentials Pack

Charity Gifts - Sporting Essentials Pack

Sporting Essentials Pack

Activity and sporting equipment is great for all ages! Sport can have a huge impact on a child’s psychological and social well-being as well as teaching them valuable life skills too. This gift will provide a range of outdoor equipment such as assorted balls, bats, frisbees and more. Let’s encourage children to play together, get outside and have fun!

Sporting Essentials Pack - $140

School Essentials Pack

School is a tough place for a student who stands out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. This Charity Gift helps disadvantaged children fit in by providing the essentials that most children take for granted. For these students, proper stationery, a new uniform, sports gear and the ability to go on excursions with their classmates are priceless. Your gift will allow children to concentrate on their education, not worry about being the odd one out.

School Essentials Pack - $210

A selection of Learning Support Charity Gifts

Reading Resources

Charity Gifts - Ready to Read

Reading Resources

Reading takes children to new and amazing places. Our Let’s Read program helps families share the joy of reading with young children, improving their literacy to become school-ready.

This Charity Gift provides a family with a resource pack containing books, reading tips and a recommended reading list so parents can help children develop literacy skills, and fall in love with reading.

Reading Resources - $20

Fast Tracking Careers

Disadvantaged young people struggling at school can lack aspiration and encouragement to explore future career options. This Charity Gift helps a young person participate in our Work Inspirations program - a modern version of traditional work experience that provides young people with a positive and inspiring introduction to the world of work, which can help change their thinking and broaden their horizons.

Fast Tracking Careers - $85


Charity Gifts - Building Aspirations


Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students face challenges in their journey through school and beyond. We pair students with mentors and strong role models to help build aspirations for their future and realise their potential. This gives them extra support and importantly, the knowledge that someone cares and is on their side. The leadership skills they gain are life-changing.

Mentorship - $100

A Boost of Confidence

You can provide help to a disadvantaged student with the support of a Learning for Life Coordinator who provides personal and emotional support for them and their families throughout the school year. They also link the student to local learning and mentoring opportunities that help them build their confidence, gain new skills and fully participate in their education.

A Boost of Confidence - $370

Succeed in School

Charity Gifts - A Lifetime of Learning

Succeed in School

All students need help with their homework, but some struggle to keep up through no fault of their own. And once behind, it’s very hard to catch up. This Charity Gift helps run our out-of-school Learning Clubs – where students receive help and encouragement with their learning development from trained tutors in a safe learning environment.

Succeed in School - $560

A selection of Sharing Christmas Joy Charity Gifts

Share Christmas Joy with a Child Most in Need

Charity Gifts - Choose Your Own Amount

Share Christmas Joy with a Child Most in Need

For too many disadvantaged families, Christmas presents are a luxury they can’t afford. That makes Christmas a tough time for children in these households, especially when all they see around them is the excitement of their friends and neighbours.

In the tradition of The Smith Family, this is a wonderful gift for a child – the joy of having their own toys and books to open on Christmas Day.

Share Christmas Joy with a Child Most in Need - $35
Share Christmas Joy with a Child Most in Need - $52
Share Christmas Joy with a Child Most in Need - $68
Share Christmas Joy with a Child Most in Need - $110

Share Christmas with Toys for a 3-7 Year Old Child

Car and truck games with mum or dad gives a child the chance to bond, learn and have fun at the same time. Your gift of toys for a 3-7 year old child will bring so much joy. Hours of fun and play are priceless, but your gift will allow this to happen.

Share Christmas with Toys for a 3-7 Year Old Child - $25

Share Christmas with Books for a 8-12 Year Old Child

Child seating under the tree and reading charity gifted books

Share Christmas with Books for a 8-12 Year Old Child

Reading takes children to new and exciting lands with every turn of the page. Young adult novels will often explore life topics that face children in the real world. Your gift will provide books for a 8-12 year old inquisitive reader.

Share Christmas with Books for a 8-12 Year Old Child - $35

Share Christmas with a Toy & Book Pack for a Baby

Christmas can often be a particularly stressful (and expensive) time for families. Our Toy and Book Packs are handpicked to make sure every child has a Christmas to remember. This gift will give a baby girl or boy a Christmas stocking full of age appropriate toys and books.

Share Christmas with a Toy & Book Pack for a Baby - $60

The fine print

Joyspreaders are tax deductible

These gifts, rather than going to a particular child, will fund The Smith Family programs supporting Australian children as they move towards a better future. If we have enough support for a program at any time, gifts will go towards the program or child with the greatest need.

  • We’ll send your tax deductible receipt via email if you order online or in the mail.
  • Printed cards are not available online.
  • Please allow up to 14 days for printed cards to be delivered.
  • Prices include postage and handling within Australia.
  • Orders can only be shipped within Australia.

If you have any further questions please call our Supporter Care Team on 1800 024 069.

1 Poverty in Australia, 2018, ACOSS/UNSW Report.

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