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Itrack helped Lochlan to set goals and achieve them

High school student Lochlan was excited when he was invited to join our iTrack program. He had already set his sights on his ideal career yet he wasn’t sure how to move towards his goal. Having a mentor gave him the guidance to take action.

“I was attracted to iTrack because I needed a bit more insight into where I wanted to go in the future career-wise. There was something I was interested in, but pursuing it was a bit difficult,” said Lochlan, aged 18.

“I've always wanted to do some form of mechanic work. I enjoy fiddling with cars and trying to understand how everything works. And the army has always appealed to me. So becoming a vehicle mechanic in the army combined my two interests.

“I was matched with an iTrack mentor who had been in the forces for 12 years. She told me about her experiences over that time. She was really excited to see how keen I was.

“My mentor was very supportive. She told me not to let anything hold me back, just to get in there and try to achieve my goals.

“She gave me listings of recruitment offices so I could go and talk to them. She also gave me information about the process of joining and what I had to do fitness-wise to get myself prepared. I’ve started training so I can pass the fitness test.

“I also learned that I had to get a certificate in tuning automotives, which I'm doing this year and next year.

“Some of my mates don't know what they want to do and kind of just muck around at school. Because I have a goal, I know that I have to work to achieve it. I'm in control of my future.

“The most enjoyable part of doing iTrack was talking to someone new who had done the career that I hope to do. It was great to learn more about it and hear her story too.

“Without iTrack I wouldn’t be well-prepared to enter the army. It helped me figure out if I actually wanted to go down that career path. It was an amazing opportunity. Thank you!”

Justin Lochlan iTrack

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