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Mentoring showed Sarah how to reach her career goal

Sarah was just a child when her mum passed away and she went to live with her aunt. As she approached her senior years of high school, Sarah needed guidance about career pathways that her aunt couldn’t provide. Thankfully our supporters make programs like our online mentoring possible. Since taking part in iTrack, Sarah feels set to achieve her goal.

“I was 10 years old and was with my mother when she died. My dad had no money for our schooling and education. Then we went into the care of my aunt,” said Sarah, aged 17.

“Since 2012, The Smith Family has helped me to have a great education."

Through iTrack, disadvantaged students in Years 9 to 12 receive advice about career and study options from online volunteer mentors. Sarah quickly built a rapport with her mentor.

My mentor understood what I wanted to do and wanted to help me, which I found really awesome.

“I thought that if my mentor passed on life experience, she could help me. She was kind of humorous, but at the same time stayed on top of things easily. She was always interested in what I was participating in,” said Sarah.

Sarah dreamt of being a mechanic in the Army. So she was delighted to discover that her mentor’s brother was working in that exact role. And iTrack helped Sarah see that there was more than one path to her goal.

“My mentor was able to give me some advice and tell me what it would be like, and what steps I could take in order to do that,” said Sarah.

“Before iTrack, I knew that you needed high maths and science to become a mechanic. And maths and science are my downfall. I said to my aunt, ‘How is this even going to be possible?’

“Then I talked to my iTrack mentor about it and she helped me. She showed me that you do not have to just have maths and science. There are all different types of mechanics and engineers.

“I know that I can become a mechanic in the Army now, because of the steps and advice I received. I’m very grateful!”

If you would like to become an iTrack volunteer and help students like Sarah, please click here to register!

Now I’m more aware of what my options can be for the future. I’m more certain of what I want to do and the opportunities that will help me do that.

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