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Support helped Susana find answers to big life questions

“My parents’ knowledge of career options was limited because of their experience and how they grew up. Talking to my mum could be a bit challenging because she liked to put her opinion forward,” said Susana, aged 17.

When Susana was considering her future, her parents wanted to give her advice. But they had grown up in a very different culture. So Susana was finding it hard to explore her options.

Your support meant we could offer Susana help through our online mentoring program iTrack. She couldn’t wait to get started.


Susana and her mum Pesi

“I was pretty keen for extra advice from people who were in different professions,” said Susana.

“My parents’ opinions could be a bit overwhelming and overpowering. So it was a little better for me to chat online with a mentor outside of school, because I could just let all my ideas flow for what I wanted in the future.

Then she could sort of help direct me into the path that I wanted to go.”

Susana told her mentor how hard it had been to see family members in poor health in her mum’s Pacific Island village. With her mentor’s guidance, Susana decided to become a medic in the navy. And taking part in iTrack also helped her to grow personally.

“Sometimes we would have heart-to-heart moments with our mentors and I liked that. Teenagers always struggle with identity,” said Susana.

“I would tell her about what I was going through and she would tell me that I can be whoever I want to be. I became stronger in my identity.”

Susana is so thankful that you gave her the support to make a plan for her future.

My dream is to save lives. That’s why I want to become a medic. I thought if I could do a profession in this area, I could potentially help families that need me.

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