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Learning Club helps Jacinta with maths

Maths is a lot better with extra help,” says 11-year-old Jacinta proudly.

With three older siblings, Jacinta is the baby of the family. She has always liked school but when she started Year 5 last year, she needed some extra help. Jacinta’s mum, Judy, thought that attending one of our Learning Clubs could help give Jacinta’s schoolwork a boost. But it has done so much more.

Jacinta - Learning for Life
Learning for Life student, Jacinta

Jacinta’s changed and is becoming more outgoing; eager to learn new things. She absolutely loves going to Learning Club. It just made her feel a lot happier within herself.

Judy, Jacinta's Mum

Smith Family Learning Clubs offer safe, supportive environments outside of school hours for children to work with trained tutors who help them with homework. As well as giving children in need one-on-one support, the clubs use group activities to make learning fun. Although she found it a bit hard before, Jacinta says maths is now her favourite subject.

We made clocks and then we used them to play a game. [My tutor] Kristie would say a time and we had to move the hands and then write it in digital. It was helping me heaps because I’m not really good at clocks,” says Jacinta.

Families living in disadvantage often juggle many demands, such as part time jobs or carer’s duties. And parents may have limited education themselves. With many challenges at home, disadvantaged children often struggle with their homework and fall behind. Learning Clubs give children in need the support to reach their potential. Jacinta is doing exactly that.

Beyond the academic results, Judy has also seen huge personal growth in her daughter.

She just needed that little extra momentum to get her going. The teacher at school said she is improving in all areas of her class – she gets more involved,

says Judy

Thank you for the opportunity to learn new things,

says Jacinta

Since being in the program she absolutely excels in different ways. It makes her more confident. She’s becoming her own little person," says Judy.

With high school next year, Jacinta now has the self-belief and motivation to make the most of school. And she is very grateful to supporters like you for making it possible.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for The Smith Family Learning Clubs program, please click on the link for further information and opportunities currently available in your state.

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