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Preston loves that people are looking out for his education

“Preston’s almost in high school. I think it's going to be challenging for him. It was really hard for my husband and me. I really couldn't add up my maths properly and do stuff at school,” said Narelle, mum of Preston.

“Hopefully they both complete Year 12, I would like that!”

When things come easily, it can also be easy to take them for granted. Maybe that’s why in Australia’s most disadvantaged communities, parents like Narelle are so grateful for their children’s education.


It’s lots of fun reading with my buddy and I’m pumped to do the program again.
Preston, student2student participant

In these communities, inter-generational disadvantage is all too common. Narelle and her husband had a limited education themselves. They know education will create new possibilities for their children, and The Smith Family sponsors and supporters are helping Preston and his sister Anika to stay in school longer.

The support from The Smith Family makes it easier for my parents to buy things like school shoes and uniforms for us,” said Preston, aged 10.

“[I’ve also done] the student2student reading program, which has been great. I’ve always liked reading at home. My reading buddy helped give me confidence to speak up and read in class.”

Despite the challenges their community faces, Narelle says that everyone pitches in to help each other. And our Learning for Life Coordinators are right there to connect students with the support they need. Preston loves knowing that he’s not alone and makes sure his sister feels the same.

“Mum calls Kimberley, our Coordinator, for advice. It’s nice to know The Smith Family is looking out for us,” said Preston.

“When I grow up maybe I’ll drive a truck or be a policeman,” said Preston. “Anika’s in Year 2 and wants to be a teacher. I always look out for her. It’s nice knowing The Smith Family is looking out for us too.”

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It’s nice to know The Smith Family is looking out for us.
Preston, student2student participant and sponsored student

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