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Having a buddy helped Chloe find the fun in reading

“Every time I try to sound out a word, my reading buddy helps me. She helps me and makes me laugh. And it's really nice to have a person like that – who actually helps me to read, but also goofs around a little bit,” says Chloe, aged 10.

Hearing how Chloe gushes about reading, you would never know that she used to dread being called on to read aloud in class.

“I was scared that if I forgot how to do it, I would be, like, just standing there,” she said.

When Chloe and her sister, Lainie, were paired with sponsors, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Chloe loves student2student

I love seeing Chloe so happy to have the phone calls. I've listened to her read sometimes and afterwards I’ve thought, ‘She's really improving!’

Single mum Rebecca, was struggling with the increased costs of Lainie starting high school. The financial assistance meant Chloe and Lainie could fit in with complete uniforms and join their classmates on excursions.

But Chloe was also behind in her reading. Sponsorship gave her access to our reading program student2student. It’s where a younger student with reading difficulties reads to an older student reading buddy using a mobile phone provided by our corporate partner Optus.

“[In the past] I’ve seen Chloe go, ‘I can't read it,’ and just switch off. But the reading program over the phone makes a huge difference,” said Rebecca.

Chloe and her buddy share a very special bond. Getting help from someone closer to her age has transformed how Chloe feels about reading.

“Reading is something that you can have fun with, especially if you're doing it with a partner on the phone. You get excited. It's really fun,” said Chloe.

Rebecca’s dream is that her daughters grow up to be happy. She hopes that they will not be in a position where they struggle but able to sponsor and help others. She knows education will create more possibilities for their futures and really appreciates their sponsors.

“It's fantastic that the sponsors have given up that money to help Chloe and Lainie. It's made a huge difference and having student2student was really good for Chloe.

“My dream is that Chloe and Lainie grow up happy. And that they're not in my position, where they're struggling but able to sponsor and help others.”

Lainie Rebecca and Chloe

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