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Shiva is now one of the top students

When Shiva was six years old, he and his mum fled to Australia from an Indian refugee camp seeking a better life. Starting school in a new country was challenging.

"I couldn’t speak a word of English. It was just the two of us with no other family support,” said Shiva.

“When we first arrived my grades were Ds and a few Cs. Mum wasn’t able to help with my studies.”

Many disadvantaged children start school already behind. Without access to early learning experiences and resources, they often feel like they can’t keep up with what’s going on in class. As each year passes, without support the gap can widen between these children and their classmates.

That’s why supporters like you are so important. By providing vital learning and mentoring programs, you give children in need the chance to make the most of their education. For Shiva, that support changed everything.

“The Smith Family provides programs to help improve my studies. Student2student gave me the extra support with my reading.

“And thanks to Learning Club, I understand my homework. If you’re struggling with something, you can just ask the tutor. You don’t have to feel shy or worried. They’ve helped me most with English and maths. Now I can complete my homework in one day instead of five.

“I’m one of the top students in Year 6, and School Captain!

“The help from my teachers and The Smith Family has inspired me to become a teacher. I also want to be a student buddy and help other kids learn to read, like they helped me. My mum is so proud – she’s always smiling now. She sees a better future for us now thanks to the Smith Family support.”

In two years, my reading age went from eight to 12.

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