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RESEARCH: Attendance Lifts Achievement

Australian children from low-socioeconomic backgrounds are at risk of poor educational outcomes from their first year of school. This risk increases as they move through school, with lower proportions of these young Australians completing Year 12 and moving into work or further study post-school, compared to their more advantaged peers.

New research draws on data collected over seven years from 30,000 disadvantaged Australian school students on The Smith Family’s Learning for Life educational scholarship program. The research contributes to ongoing national efforts to improve the educational outcomes of young Australians, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Watch this video about the research, featuring Anne Hampshire, The Smith Family’s Head of Research and Advocacy.

You can also read the full report to find out what interventions really are changing the lives of these young people – and how The Smith Family, and your support, is at the centre.

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