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Life is full of challenges for students in need

Last year, 143,648 children and young people took part in our learning programs and mentoring. And we supported 42,841 students through sponsorship. Each student has a unique set of circumstances that leads them to needing support. Often it is a combination of challenges that pile up and limit their educational opportunities and outcomes.

What challenges do disadvantaged students face?

Today in Australia, 1.1 million children and young people are living in poverty.1 Here are some of the complex challenges they can experience:

How do we meet these challenges?

We know that lasting change takes long-term support. We begin working with families when their children are in the early years, so children can start school with strong learning foundations.

Our sponsorship and program support continues throughout a young person’s school years and on to tertiary education, if they choose. At every step, we help students to realise their potential and access opportunities for their futures. And we work closely with parents and carers, as they play a critical role in supporting their children’s confidence, motivation and aspirations.

It is thanks to the ongoing generosity of our sponsors, donors and volunteers that we can address these issues and help disadvantaged children create a better future.

1.Davidson P, Saunders P, Bradbury B, & Wong M (2018) Poverty in Australia, 2018. ACOSS/UNSW Poverty and Inequality Partnership Report, No. 2. Sydney: ACOSS.

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