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student updates that will make you smile

We know how special it is for sponsors to hear from their sponsored student. And it’s much easier for students to communicate when they are given ideas of what to tell their sponsors. That’s why each year we invite sponsored students to complete a Student Profile.

We thought we would share some of our favourites from this year. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did!

Tabatha's long-term work goal is to become a social worker.

Emma's proudest moment last year is her ATAR score of 91.

Byiringo's goal is to improve in exams and have a great work ethic both in school and with friends.

Callum is thankful for all their sponsor does.

Ayeisha drew a little hamster eating food.

Daniel would like to thank his sponsor for furthering his education and broadening my skills to achieve his goals.

Koda drew a firetruck.

For only $52 per month, your sponsorship combined with that of another sponsor, will provide a child with essential school supplies, a new uniform and life-changing learning support, so they can fit in and catch up to their peers.

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