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Brandon and Raymond now have the stability they need to focus at school

Alexandrea says the support has changed her family's life.

"It’s given the boys a lot of confidence. Their grades have improved and they really do enjoy writing to their sponsors. I don't have to worry as much as I used to about where I'm going to get enough money for the things they need for school. I don't have to think about whether I am going to have to cut back on my food budget or try not to use so much electricity?".

With the support, Alexandrea knows her sons will have the best chance at creating a better future for themselves. Brandon has hopes of one day becoming a dentist.

Ray and Brandon
Ray and Brandon

Now they're able to have new uniforms and shoes when they need them. They've got more opportunity to have the supplies they need at school and they're able to go on all the excursions.

Thanks to Smith Family supporters, Brandon and Raymond no longer miss out on activities or feel different from their classmates. Financial assistance ensures they have everything they need for school and their Learning for Life Coordinators provided opportunities for them to take part in activities which help build their confidence.

Before he was sponsored, Alexandrea's eldest son Brandon felt left out at school because he didn't always have a new uniform or the books he needed in class.

"Now I'm happier and no-one is being mean to me," he says.

Thank you to everyone who supports The Smith Family. You do so much to help. You don't even know how great it is.

"I've always felt that my sons could have some sort of future but now that I'm not worried about paying for school fees and uniforms, I can focus more on helping them at school and helping them achieve their goals.

"Thank you to everyone who supports The Smith Family. You do so much to help! You don't even know how great it is. You help children become more confident. You help them to do better at school. It's just fantastic."

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"The support came at a really tough time for us. We were in crisis accommodation and the boys were feeling quite unsettled. Sponsorship meant school was the constant thing in their life that wasn't changing all the time," says Alexandrea.

Circumstances at home meant Brandon and Raymond didn't have the same opportunities as their classmates. It was difficult for their mum Alexandrea to afford new uniforms and shoes when they needed them, or the extracurricular activities other children talked about. Alexandrea noticed her sons' grades and self-esteem were being affected.

Alexandrea and her two sons, Ray and Brandon
Alexandrea and her two sons, Ray and Brandon

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