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Sponsorship helped Corey ignite the fire in her belly

Corey is full of ambition. She runs an after-school athletics program and has goals of working for Athletics Australia. She has graduated university, and now the sky's the limit.

You would never know that Corey had such a difficult childhood. Living in extreme financial disadvantage meant she missed out at school. Often there wasn't money for food, let alone excursions and sports.

Keeping up in class was a constant battle. Then Corey was matched with a sponsor. Knowing someone believed in her gave Corey the added encouragement to push on. And being able to take part in a range of our learning programs helped Corey find the strength to stand tall.

Hear where sponsorship has taken her and what's next for Corey.

Our sponsors individually helped change the lives of more than 38,875 Australian children like Corey last year.

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