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Showing kids that they matter - Chris' story

“I grew up with a single mother, so money was quite tight. Having come from that background, I know from first hand experience how important education is.

“Education really is the foundation on which you build your life. I was lucky enough to have a mother who supported me to get a quality education, but there are so many young people not able to have that same opportunity. Education gives you a decent job. It gives you a way to get out of that hole of disadvantage, and it creates a bit more of a level playing field as everybody else.

“When I first got involved with The Smith Family, I sponsored a child’s general educational needs – be it school fees, backpacks or uniforms. Now my support has expanded to help my student pursue their passion as well: dance. 

Chris Sponsor

I would recommend becoming a Smith Family sponsor to anyone who may be considering it.

"Just like education, I truly believe that being able to pursue and nurture your interests and aspirations is important to developing you as a person.

"If you want to improve society in a real way, then you can do it by giving someone an education.

"I get a lot of personal satisfaction from sponsoring my student. It’s not just the financial support that matters. It’s about showing them there is someone else out there who wants them to know they matter.”

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