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Meet some supporters

Trent’s story

I see so many people in a similar situation to that of my family who are stuck because they haven’t had the same educational opportunities to break out of that disadvantage.
Trent, student sponsor

Trent’s story

Having benefited from the support of The Smith Family many years ago, Trent recently began sponsoring a Learning for Life student.

“My parents fled Vietnam as refugees in the early 1980s when I was still a baby. We literally had nothing when we arrived and would have been lost without the support of charitable organisations.

Education has always been the ticket to a secure life in the eyes of my parents. It’s one of the things they missed out on, being migrants. They’ve had to work in low skilled jobs for most of their lives, due to a lack of formal education and language barriers, so they’ve always pushed me hard to achieve.

I’ve finished my university study and am now working in stable and rewarding employment, which has given me a regular income and the chance to give something back.

Any support that can be offered to disadvantaged young people which allows them to get a foothold into a stable education, gives them opportunities they might not otherwise have. This is why I’m really happy to support Learning for Life.”

Lauren’s story

Lauren is an Adelaide-based teacher who recently began sponsoring one of our Learning for Life students.

I’ve always been convinced of the importance of parenting and the need to support parents so that they can support their children. The Smith Family tackles a very important part of this vital work. I decided a long time ago that as soon as I could afford to, I would sponsor a child. I really understand the pain parents and children suffer when they have to work so hard for the basic things that children need to feel part of the school community.

Children can’t learn properly if they are worrying about how mum is going to make ends meet. Children often feel responsible, which is awful, because there’s nothing they can do to mitigate the situation. “I’ve always believed in the value of education because it helps a person develop.”

I just hate that some children (and an increasing number) in a wealthy country like Australia are being cheated of a childhood just because of money
Lauren, student sponsor

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