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Sandi was just a child when she started supporting The Smith Family

Some memories last a lifetime. Like the very first day Sandi made a donation to The Smith Family. She was just eight years old. Sandi didn’t have the best background herself, but her mum taught her the importance of helping others. It was a message she took to heart. Now in her mid-sixties, Sandi has been supporting The Smith Family for over 50 years.

“I remember suggesting to three or four small friends that we dress up in my dancing costumes and go around asking the neighbours for money to donate to The Smith Family. So we did,” said Sandi.

"We raised one pound and eight shillings. My mother sent it off to The Smith Family and we received a letter back, thanking us."


To give somebody who has less of an opportunity to have a better life, it's just really important.
Sandi, long-time Smith Family supporter

Over time Sandi has seen The Smith Family’s focus shift from providing hand-outs and welfare to now supporting the education of children so they can break the cycle of disadvantage. It’s a journey she’s been proud to share.

"Disadvantaged children need to to be supported. You only have one life and funnily enough, it goes quickly," said Sandi.

Doing something positive makes Sandi feel good. And she loves being able to help children right here in our community.

“The Smith Family name is part of who we are; part of growing up in Australia. There are so many negative things going on in the world, and it's a way we can help people – donating or volunteering in some way,” said Sandi.

We'd like to thank Sandi for her decades of wonderful support - and all of our sponsors, supporters and volunteers who make our work possible.

Hear from some of our students and families about how donations from passionate supporters like Sandi are having a major impact.

I've always supported The Smith Family and, until the day I die, I always will. I think it's just really important for children to have these wonderful opportunities.
Sandi, long-time Smith Family supporter

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