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Thank you for a great Christmas

Every year, our generous volunteers, supporters and corporate partners come together to bring Christmas joy to disadvantaged families.

It’s a tradition that dates right back to our beginning in 1922, when five businessmen delivered gifts to orphans on Christmas Eve.

At the end of 2017, 100,000 toys and books for 20,000 children were packed into cars and delivered right across Australia and all in one day.

We recorded significant growth, in the number of children to receive gifts this year and we would like to thank all the volunteers who helped us deliver those gifts, in time for Christmas.

The day just gets better and better each year thanks to how well everyone works together.

"This was my seventh toy and book pack delivery day," Smith Family CEO Lisa O'Brien said.

"My job is welcoming a long line of volunteer drivers arriving for their delivery duty. I love how excited they are about making Santa runs for the children we support."

"This year my two adult children did a toy and book delivery run for the first time. That night my son told me how an external family member had stayed home to receive the gifts while the Learning for Life family went to church. He told my children that he wanted to make sure there was someone home because:

"The Smith Family’s gifts were absolutely going to ‘save’ Christmas for these kids."

I don’t think my son will ever forget that experience – it touched him deeply and it certainly made me very proud of what we do every day.

Thanks to everyone who contributed their time, effort and skills.

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