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Right now, over 4,314 children are in urgent need of a sponsor to achieve their best this year, and beyond.

All children deserve the chance to make the most of their education


student receiving school help on laptop from childrens charity worker

Learning Clubs

Your tax-deductible donation can support Nic to access help with his maths from dedicated and skilled volunteer tutors in our out-of-school Learning Club to help him catch up, keep up and build confidence with his schoolwork.

84% of students said going to our Learning Club makes them try harder at school.3

student showing rocket for show and tell in classroom science project

Future Seekers

Our Future Seekers program provides students with interactive opportunities to explore the world of work.

With 71% of students reporting a greater initial understanding of the diversity of jobs4, Nic too can receive guidance on how to best use his strengths and interests to pursue his dream of becoming an astronaut.  
Male School student in uniform standing against brick wall smiling

Passport Program

You can help Nic access our innovative Passport high school preparedness program when he reaches Year 6, which will empower Nic to learn crucial, practical skills to help him transition successfully to high school.
83% of students5 who take part in our high school readiness program Passport say they learn skills that will help them in high school.