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2022 Winter Appeal | The Smith Family


Talia sitting on floor in living room


Your donation can help a child catch up with her reading skills through our peer-to-peer reading program student2student.

97% of children4 we’ve worked with in this way have found their reading has improved, so this would be a wonderful starting point for Anna.

Lucy sitting with teacher in classroom

Learning Clubs

Once she is more confident with her reading, Anna can also attend one of our out-of-school Learning Clubs,so she can get help with her homework and ongoing support from caring volunteer tutors.

88% of students said going to our Learning Club makes them try harder at school.

Passport Program

When they reach Year 6 children like Amy can participate in our Passport program to help them successfully transition to high school.

83% of students5 who take part in our high school readiness program Passport say they learn skills that will help them in high school.