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iTrack online application form

Please complete the form below to express interest in volunteering as an iTrack online mentor.

Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee a match with a student for the iTrack online mentoring program. iTrack is a national program and you may be matched with a student interstate based on the greatest need or your existing Child Protection Checks.

A commitment of one hour each week during the course of your iTrack chats is required. Once you are allocated a chat time, the time will not change for the length of the program i.e. your chat time could be every Tuesday at 10am. There are no chats during school holidays.

The Smith Family collects personal information on this form to help us understand the different reasons why people support our work and to engage with you as a supporter, and to determine if the role is a good fit.  

The Smith Family supports and is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988. Our privacy policy contains information about how we collect and handle personal information. It also contains information on what to do if you have questions, concerns or complaints. Please refer to our privacy policy for further details.

Scroll below to complete the full iTrack application. Don't have time for the full application?

Let us know and we'll send you a link for later

If you experience any issues in submitting your application, please call our Volunteer Coordination Unit on 1300 397 730 or email [email protected] for assistance.

* mandatory fields

My details
This should match the name you registered with initially.
This should match the email address you registered with initially.
Please note that we will never share your address with a third party without your permission.
Please select the answer which best applies.
This information helps us to understand the experiences of volunteers who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander background; providing insight for new initiatives that seek to build the internal capabilities of The Smith Family through enabling volunteering opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Smith Family ID (if known)
Existing Child Protection Checks

If you have an existing Child Protection Check this assists us greatly in processing your application. Please be as specific as you can.

Part of The Smith Family’s Child Protection screening requires all volunteers involved in the iTrack program to have the required state-based checks for working with children. If you do not have current documentation the Volunteering Team will inform you of how to go about getting one.
Please only enter a current card or registration number - if you do not have this we will get it from you later.
In order to validate some Child Protection Checks, we need a Date of Birth to match to the check.
Career information
This may be provided to your student.
Please upload files in either .doc or .pdf that are less than 10MB in size.
Understanding of program requirements

b. Answers to the following set of questions help us to determine applicant suitability/fit for the role. We may be in direct contact with you prior to or at the time of training to follow up on any responses requiring further attention.

Please do not enter special characters (e.g. & - @ ?) and enter a maximum of 1000 characters.
Please do not enter special characters (e.g. & - @ ?) and enter a maximum of 1000 characters.
Please do not enter special characters (e.g. & - @ ?) and enter a maximum of 1000 characters.
You would be allocated two hours of mentoring each week, with two different students.
Please note that chat sessions for this program happen through a secure online chat forum. A camera is NOT required.
Please consider proposed leave; work load; ability to access IT; capacity to prioritise iTrack chat once scheduled etc.
Please do not enter special characters (e.g. & - @ ?) and enter a maximum of 1000 characters.

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