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Learning Club Facilitator

About Learning Clubs

Learning Clubs provide a safe and supportive out-of-school learning environment where primary or secondary students can participate in activities that develop their academic skills, such as homework, numeracy and literacy. Clubs usually run in terms two and three each year, and children attend at once or twice a week at no cost.

Through regular attendance at our Learning Clubs, students are able to enhance their learning and development skills. Students’ involvement with Learning Clubs enables them to access local volunteer tutors who have appropriate skills and knowledge to support Club activities.

Our Learning Clubs may differ across the country according to each community’s identified needs and where the community is located. For example, some clubs provide homework support, tutoring or help with a specific skill set (cognitive or non–cognitive) that assists participating children and young people to benefit more fully from their school based learning.

Even though my child has always been good with her homework, she's now more into it and shows more initiative than before.
Parent of Learning Club student

How learning clubs help

Learning Clubs aim to increase student engagement with learning by increasing students’ academic engagement and achievement.

Students who are able to complete school and homework are more likely to stay in school and complete Year 12.

87% of students said that attending Learning Clubs have helped them do better in class and try harder at school.1

Watch Tahlia's story to see the difference Learning Clubs can make to students lives.


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