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Saver Plus

What is saver plus

Free 10 month saving program

Learn to save regularly to develop lasting savings habits.

Savings matched up to $500

Receive up to $500 for education costs for you or your children

Build money management skills

Savings tips, Budgeting skills, Goal setting, Needs vs wants, Banking, Superannuation · Debt, Credit cards.

Offered Australia wide

Through community organisations in 60 communities across Australia in every state and territory.

46,000+ participants

Over 46,000 participants have joined the program

24M saved

Over $24 million saved by participants

19M+ saved

ANZ has matched over $19 million for education expenses.

why learn with us

Lasting saving habits

87% of participants continue to save the same amount or more, 3-7 years after completing the program

Be better prepared

78% participants were better equipped for unexpected expenses

Stay in control

80% had more control over their finances

Improved personal wellbeing

100% experienced increases in life, financial and employment satisfaction, whilst 88% reported increased self-esteem

How it works



If eligible for the program, set a savings goal with your Coordinator for your education related item(s)

Piggy bank


Open an ANZ Progress Saver account and start to regularly save over 10 months

person money


Complete our fun MoneyMinded financial education workshops

cash money


Reach savings goal and have your savings matched up to $500 by ANZ for education items for your or your children’s education expenses

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