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Digital Access

Internet and devices for learning at home

Our Digital Access program improves families’ digital inclusion by ensuring all Learning for Life families have access to low cost internet and devices as well as tech support and the knowledge on how to make the most of the technology they have.

At the Smith Family we want families to be digitally included so they can not only reap the educational benefits of being connected but also enables them to participate in our digital programs and access key services online.

Our Digital Access program is able to deliver devices, internet plans and tech support to our Learning for Life families based on their needs. At this point, due to funding constraints we are only able to offer this program to our current Learning for Life families.

How does the Digital Access Program help?

Paula and Peter on the computer

The Smith Family has long recognized the importance technology plays in a child’s education. Since 2007, we have delivered over 4,300 computers and internet packages under our Tech Pack program to Australian families in need.

In an independent evaluation of the Tech Pack program by Victoria University in 2010, participants reported increased feelings of social inclusion and connectedness in relation to “keeping up with the rest of the world.” This evaluation also confirmed positive change for parents and their children in both skill and personal development. 97% of participants reported that having a computer (provided through Tech Packs) in the home helped with their child’s school work in 2015/16.

Recently we reviewed our Tech Pack program to ensure it is still meeting the needs of our families. This review made a number of recommendations including transitioning Tech Packs into our new Digital Access program. Our new Digital Access program will enable us to continue to meet the needs of our families in this ever changing technology world.

The Smith Family's Digital Access program is a pivotal pillar of our Learning for Life program, a long-term strive to help disadvantaged children through school and onto a positive pathway with the fundamentals for a fair go.

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