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Meet some students

Belinda's story

Since starting the program, Bruce really enjoys reading.
Belinda, a mother who has participated in Let’s Read

Belinda's story

Belinda and her children, 10-year-old Stephen, eight-year-old Stella and Bruce who is almost three, have been part of our Let’s Read program for just over a year.

“We have been reading together up to three times a day. The older kids help out and love reading to Brucey.”

Now even when Bruce sits down to watch a movie he will decide that he wants to read instead.”

Bruce’s favourite Let’s Read books are Time for Bed, Maisie the Mouse and anything with trucks and cars. When reading his favourite books Bruce can now remember the end of the story before Belinda has even finished reading.

Stella and Stephen have been reading aloud to one another as well. This has helped them to develop their reading skills as well as build their self-confidence. Stella loves fairytales and Stephen loves to read anything at all.

Josh's story

Seventeen-year-old Josh is determined not to let financial disadvantage hold him back. When he heard about our 19 week online mentoring program, iTrack, he couldn’t wait to get involved.

“My mentor’s work ethic is the same as mine – work hard to get where you want to be. He helped me a lot. It wasn’t too long after iTrack had finished up that we had to do course selection again. I knew what I wanted to do,” says Josh.

At an age when he was transitioning into a young adult, Josh feels that iTrack not only gave him valuable guidance with his career options, but also helped him grow as a person.

“I have more confidence now talking to people who I wouldn’t usually talk to, people a fair bit older than me. And also being able to talk to other people in my school who were on iTrack. It really broadened my social skills and my social circles.”

I thought that it sounded really cool – a chat session every week. I thought it would be good to get an outside perspective on everything. It definitely lived up to my expectations. It was really good to be able to talk about everything, like career choices and interests.
Josh, iTrack participant

Dulcie's story

Learning Club gives children a safe place to learn and complete their homework with assistance and they are able to learn to get along with each other and enjoy it.
Dulcie, carer

Dulcie's story

Jasmine in Year 6 and Isiah in Year 2 are enthusiastic members of the Ngunnawal Primary School Learning Club. Once a week after school they attend Learning Club where they work on their school projects with support from volunteers and take part in fun learning activities with other children from the local primary school.

Dulcie, the children's grandmother who has full time care of Isiah, Jasmine and their older brother Samuel, in Year 8, started taking her two youngest grandchildren to Learning Club so they could receive extra help with their reading. "They get to complete their homework, learn to get along with others and are learning to read so much better. My granddaughter just loves books and my young grandson loves mixing with others, reading and playing. Both get so much from the Learning Club." 

The family is very committed to the values of education, and Dulcie has encouraged the children to focus on learning and getting an education so they can have more opportunities when they finish school. 

Jasmine, Isiah and Samuel are supported through the Learning for Life sponsorship program. Dulcie says that the support from The Smith Family has helped her pay for school essentials which she wouldn't be able to afford for all the kids, as well as provided them with valuable support and encouragement to keep them interested in learning.

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