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student2student helps Corey

With generous support from supporters like you, last year Corey was one of 1,142 students who participated in The Smith Family student2student reading program.

"Corey [has] got a lot out of [student2student]. His reading is a lot better. And it helped me because [I struggle] at homework time," says Jean who cares for her 9-year-old grandson Corey.

Corey and Jean
Corey and his grandmother Jean

It's all so different from when I went to school. So I found [student2student] was a great help,

Jean says.

When Corey was going into Year 3 in 2014, he was behind in his reading and needed some one-on-one help. The Smith Family's reading program, student2student, paired Corey with an older student buddy who would ring him two or three times a week so they could read together over the phone.
 "It has built up his confidence a lot. He's more motivated and before, we used to have problems with saying some words,” says Jean who has noticed a big improvement in Corey's reading and confidence.

"It's all so different from when I went to school. So I found [student2student] was a great help," Jean says.

"His buddy was a great help for him. If he got stuck on a word, she would help him."

Corey enjoyed the reading program and also thinks his reading has improved.
"[student2student] was fun. [My buddy] reads half of the book and then I read half of it. [When I make a mistake] I would ask her to spell it and sound it out and I asked for help," he says.

Jean, who has cared for Corey since he was baby, has received support and financial assistance through The Smith Family's Learning for Life program since Corey started kindergarten. She is grateful for both the financial support she receives and the access to programs like student2student which support Corey's learning and, reading development.

"It's very hard because I find kids are struggling at school to keep up and get an education today. Corey is very lucky because he's got me. A lot of kids don't have the support of their parents. I put myself out there to make sure he's getting the best education. Everything [from The Smith Family] is a great help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm so happy and pleased with The Smith Family. I'm so grateful," Jean says.

An evaluation of student2student showed that 95% of students who took part in the program improve their reading age.

student2student participant, Corey

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