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Zachary's story

“When I was growing up, Mum was a single parent with two kids and we just didn’t have enough money to get through day to day,” says Zachary. “Before The Smith Family’s help, we borrowed a lot of things. I had to borrow a uniform from the school and return it at the end of the year, which left me to be bullied. Everyone would pick on you because you didn’t have anything.”

“When The Smith Family money came in, we were able to buy books and uniforms. Everything was better after that. I enjoyed going to school and the support made me want to try harder.

I've now been involved with The Smith Family for 10 years. If I didn’t have that support I honestly wouldn’t be in university. I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I would have had to drop out at Year 10, maybe even younger, to start a job and help my mum.

“To go to university from where I’ve come from is huge – not many people in our area even consider further education at all – and it’s had a dramatic impact on my life.

“In the future, I want to sponsor a child because it’s changed my life and I know there are more kids who need help.”

To be able to push through to Year 12 when I felt like dropping out is one of the best things I’ve done.

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