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Amanda gets a buzz out of volunteering with children in need

Each year our work is made possible by the support of over 8,700 volunteers. For retiree Amanda, giving her time has brought more to her life than she imagined.

“I get such a buzz from feeling that I'm doing something worthwhile,” said Amanda.

“Volunteering gives you that sense of connectedness; of being part of something valuable. It's opened my social circle, I've met new people. I've learned new things and that's terrific.”

Amanda enjoyed a long career as a teacher and educational psychologist. The Smith Family fits well with her passion for education, so she started volunteering when she dropped down to part-time work.

Amanda, volunteer

I get such a buzz from feeling that I'm doing something worthwhile

Amanda, volunteer

“One day at The Smith Family Learning Club at which I volunteer, the children had been involved in a numeracy activity that involved colouring. They hadn't quite finished it. So I said to this little girl, Isabella: ‘Would you like to take this home and finish it?’

“She said: ‘I don't have any coloured pencils at home.’ That really hit me,” said Amanda.

As well as volunteering as a tutor at our Learning Clubs, Amanda provides administrative support and speaks about The Smith Family to businesses and community groups. She also makes financial donations and wishes all supporters could experience their support in action.

“I'm so impressed with the programs The Smith Family operates and supports,” said Amanda. “I hope you do know the effect that you're having on so many people. If you could see the little faces and the adult faces that I see through this work, you would be thrilled.”

Last year volunteers donated 516,750 hours of their time, which provided $14.8 million worth of skills and talent across our organisation. This has meant thousands more children in need have been able to participate in our vital learning programs.

We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their incredible support. Together we’re giving disadvantaged children the chances they deserve.


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