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Change an Australian child's life through Workplace Giving

Did you know that you can now sponsor a disadvantaged student in Australia through your Workplace Giving program?

For only $48 a month, you, your team or your organisation can make a great impact by sponsoring a student on The Smith Family's Learning for Life program which provides them with money for school essentials, mentoring from a Learning for Life Coordinator and access to reading, maths and digital skills programs. As a sponsor, you receive regular updates from the child that you support, letting you know how Learning for Life is changing their life.  

Please share this flyer with your staff and spread the word about this great way of supporting disadvantaged children in Australia. 

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Employees - The benefits of being a Workplace Giving Donor

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Employees - The benefits of being a Workplace Giving Donor

Your donation will be deducted from your pre-tax earnings, reducing your taxable income.

This means a $35 donation would only work out as $24 less from your final take home pay.* So your generosity will make a greater difference to the lives of Australian children in need.

And you don’t need to collect receipts. Your total donation amount will be included in your annual PAYG payment summary.

Find out how you can donate through Workplace Giving [PDF|2MB]

Employers - The benefits of setting up Workplace Giving in your workplace

With donations deducted from employees’ pretax pay, their donations go even further. Plus, it reduces your employees’ taxable income, so they benefit every pay. And, you can choose to match your employees’ donations dollar for dollar, so your company can have double the impact.

Find out how you can offer Workplace Giving to your staff [PDF|2MB]

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Our students say thank you to our Workplace Giving partners

Thank you to our Workplace Giving partners.

Thanks to our more than 300 corporate Workplace Giving partners we are able to support disadvantaged Australian children with around $1,000,000 a year helping them to participate fully in their education, giving them the best chance at breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

Our students thank you for the great difference that you make every month, so please hear their thanks directly from them!

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