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Community programs

Improving educational outcomes.

One in five children are developmentally vulnerable in one or more key areas when they start school.1

We partner with government, schools, families and other service providers to improve educational outcomes for children and create and support long-term change in communities entrenched in disadvantage.

Our work is helping to improve the wellbeing of disadvantaged children and to change the future for young Australians and their families living in these communities. 

We work closely with government and other providers who share a commitment to our vision and mission. We focus on strengthening communities so they can support their most disadvantaged families with relevant programs and services that give young people the skills and knowledge to create a better future for themselves

Group of kids learning through a card game in Bankstown

our reach

The Smith Family operates in 94 communities around Australia

Our Learning for Life Coordinators are located in 94 communities throughout Australia, where they can link disadvantaged students and their families, with local services, programs and opportunities to support their full participation in education. For a list of our locations, go to contact us.

The Smith Family is the Australian Government Department of Social Services Communities for Children facilitating Partner (CfCFP) partner in nine sites throught Australia; in New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

1 Australian Government, 2013, A Snapshot of Early Childhood Development in Australia 2012, AEDI National Report.

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