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School Community Partnerships

The lack of educational equity is a challenge facing Australia today

The Smith Family sees meaningful partnerships between school and the broader community as critical to improving the educational outcomes for low socio-economic students in the primary and secondary years of schooling. This in turn is a foundation for improving their participation in higher education and employment post-school.

These kinds of partnerships reflect that learning and education are the responsibility of the community as a whole and not schools alone.

That's why The Smith Family facilitates partnerships with key community organisations, businesses and institutions. They can contribute to keeping young people engaged in learning and assist their smooth transition from school to work or further education.

The Smith Family enables and promotes strong, long term and genuine school-community partnerships that enable schools to leverage resources, skills and support from beyond the education system to achieve the best outcomes for children and their families.

School Community Partnerships

Our School Community Partnerships


These partnerships are negotiated with local communities and have included: Partnerships for Education (previously School Community Hubs) and Community Hubs Australia.

Some of our existing partnerships include:

  • Wyndham Partnerships for Education, Victoria
  • Swan Education Precinct, Western Australia
  • Launceston School Community Partnership, Tasmania
  • Wynyard School Community Partnership, Tasmania

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Community programs

We partner with government, schools, families and other service providers to improve educational outcomes for children.

Communities for Children

As the facilitating partner in nine CfCFP sites throughout Australia, we help local organisations to deliver programs for children and their families.

School community partnerships

We act as an independent broker partnering with a school community and other stakeholders to support children's education.

School partnerships

We provide consultation services for schools to develop school-based strategic partnerships to assist with improving educational performance.

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