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Work Inspiration fuels Sean's passion to succeed

“The Work Inspiration program has definitely made me more motivated for school because it narrowed down what I want to do in life. I’m really interested in the IT industry. Seeing McDonald’s has made me more passionate because I want to do well in school and I want to succeed so I can get a good job and go places in the world.”

Fifteen-year-old Sean participated in a two day Work Inspiration program with McDonald’s and The Smith Family in mid 2013. He found the visit to the company’s Head Office in Brisbane fun, informative, inspiring and motivational.

“It was a really fun two days. We learnt heaps about the background of McDonald’s – it is not just about flipping burgers. We learnt about all the charity work they do, all the different departments such as sales and advertising and how much work goes into getting the burgers to you.”

“It was pretty personalised which was really nice because you got more knowledge out of it. We could ask questions and it wasn’t just a crowd of 200 people.”

“I wanted to go to the McDonald’s Work Inspiration because I thought it would be really interesting and because I love new experiences. I’m going to join the workforce soon so I thought why not take a shot and see what it’s all about.”

I would recommend the Work Inspiration program to other students because there’s so much information that you get out if it and so much knowledge about yourself and how you might like to work. I’d definitely recommend it to see what McDonald’s actually is and not to judge a book by its cover. The program lets you see how things work in the real world. The program was just incredible. I was so lucky and so happy I got chosen for it.

After completing school I want to work in the IT industry. I’ve got a traineeship at another school working with the IT department and doing my Cert III in IT. After I finish school I want to work with technology and the new advancing world. I find it so fascinating.

“I enjoyed the tour of the head office and seeing the different departments and how many people work there. We also got to design our own burger or product and think about the price point, marketing value and how much customers would pay for it. On the second day, staff from five different departments discussed their roles. A lot had started as crew and slowly worked up. We had to prepare a speech and presentation about one person’s journey with McDonald’s.”

“For me, the most enjoyable part was the behind-the-scenes tour of a McDonald’s restaurant. We saw how elaborate the restaurants are and how they make burgers. It was really interesting to see the procedures and how much safety was involved. We even got to make our own soft serves, which is actually really difficult to do!”

“The positive outcomes were that I was pretty excited to start work. I thought it was pretty incredible to see the behind-the-scenes activities and how many different job opportunities you can have working for McDonald’s. It’s incredible that you can start as a crew member serving customers and end up travelling Australia. I think it’s amazing how McDonald’s offers that sort of job. The program was definitely an eye-opener.”

“The program was just incredible. I was so lucky and so happy I got chosen for it.”

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